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Brooke carves down the slopes of Bolton Valley, Vermont with the incredible Sike fork attachment (US Patent # 6416062 and 7896362)
and roosts a spray of powder, launching from one turn into another...
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BOS Sike and Drifter kits are nearing the final stages of prototype development. Stay tuned for production details.
The BOS Sike will be available soon!
Stay tuned to this site for dates and locations of the demo tour and info on the latest developments.
Our Mission
Our Mission
See the Sike!
See the Sike
BOS in Action
Bikes On Snow will add new dimensions to mountain biking!

Embrace the snowy winter months with a new enthusiasm for riding.
The BOS Sike converts your favorite mountain bike into an incredibly fun snow bike
by simply replacing the front wheel with a ski attachment.
Whether you prefer riding endless snowmobile trails, exciting downhill ski runs, twisting snowshoe singletracks, or anything in between, the Sike will take you everywhere you want to ride this winter.
When the snow flies what will you be riding?
See the new Drifter
DH Ski Bike
FloWing Bars
Go FloWing!
The Drifter