Bikes On Snow, LLC
Creator of the original mountain bike
fork attachment for winter fun!
Spawned from the desire to ride in winter, Bikes On Snow, LLC creates and markets innovative products that advance the capabilities of your bicycle.  Bikes On Snow, LLC will add new dimensions to winter travel and expand the possibilities of bikers at all levels.  Our products are hand made with a thoughtful design process to provide the highest quality, most durable, and radically fun additions to your biking experience.  Bikes on Snow, LLC is a rider-owned organization committed to socially responsible business practices, financial success, and the restored health of our world through human powered travel.
Our Mission...
Ride Home
Ride for peace
Love life
Play in the snow
BOS Sike and Drifter kits are nearing the final stages of prototype development. Stay tuned for production details.
To keep updated on BOS products write to: